The 7th Annual IIDR Trainee Day


Michael Kamin Hart Memorial Scholarship

The Michael Kamin Hart Memorial Scholarship – the IIDR’s most prestigious trainee award – is awarded to three trainees who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership and the same enthusiasm for science that was evident in Michael. To be eligible, you must be:

  1. an undergraduate summer student (3rd or 4th year) who plans on pursuing graduate work at McMaster ($500); or
  2. an MSc student ($1,800); or
  3. a PhD student ($1,800)
  4. a Staff ($500)

Awarded on the recommendation of the IIDR Executive Committee, this year’s recipients are responsible for presenting a talk on the day of the event.

Mildred Gulliver Scholarships in Infectious Disease Research

The Mildred Gulliver Graduate Scholarships are awarded to two graduate students and two postdoctoral fellows. Recipients of these scholarships – valued at $1,000 each – are recognized for their significant contribution to anti-infective research, and will be selected from the group of trainees presenting a talk at this year’s event.

IIDR Awards of Excellence

The IIDR will present Awards of Excellence to students who present the best poster during this year’s event. Three awards – valued at $500 each – will be given to a postdoctoral fellow, a PhD student and a Master’s student.

Fisher Scientific Undergraduate Poster Award

One award, valued at $500, will be awarded to an undergraduate student who delivers the best poster presentation at this year’s Trainee Day.

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